P&A Sullivan Ltd appointed Italian Team’s handling travel agent

Leading sports tourism specialists P&A Sullivan are honoured to have been entrusted with assisting the Italian national football team and the accompanying delegation with the travel arrangements for their visit in Malta, where they face the Maltese national team in a World Cup qualifying match on Tuesday.

Over the past thirty years, P&A Sullivan have proved themselves the foremost specialists in the very demanding market of football related travel. Their portfolio includes clients such as Liverpool FC and national teams of Poland, Finland, Switzerland, Ukraine and Romania, for whom they have also provided services for their training camps on the Island. Commenting on P&A Sullivan’s experience in this field, Andrew Sullivan, the company’s managing director, said that their success is ultimately owed to the extensive and close working relationships they have forged in the football world with foreign clubs and national football association’s travel agents: “We’ve grown to know the footballing world inside out and acknowledge the specific travel requirements of football clubs, their supporters and the sports media.

We believe we have built a healthy working relationship in particular with the MFA and local football clubs, as well as the GFA, who offer good football and training facilities. Besides being familiar with the extensive sports and ancillary facilities, we are always alert to any improvements made”.

Sullivan also underlined the fact that the agency works closely with Maltese supporters’ clubs and keeps in touch with local football supporters who regularly travel abroad to follow their favourite team so that it can offer them the best possible travel experience. “This knowledge, underlined by our passion for football, puts us at the forefront of this sports travel segment”, he said.